March 24, 2008

meet the corotan’s

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Just to update those of you that we haven’t been in touch with in the past few years. Gabe and i both graduated from BYU with our bachelors degrees. Gabe then went on to finish his masters in information systems while i went on to work for a local company called Tahitian Noni. I lucked out with a job that i loved in their product marketing department creating and designing the gifting line. A few months before Gabe started his grad program we bought a town home in Pleasant Grove. Finally graduating from on campus housing…Thank goodness!


The best news that we have to share with you, and the main reason for this blog is the little babe we welcomed in to our family just five months ago…October 8th to be exact. Malina Kailani…our sweet and petite bundle. We are now navigating the world of parenting and loving it…

Gabe graduated in December and started just three weeks ago at a web-analytics company based in Orem called Omniture…he’s loving the new job. And i am loving my new one as well. Its definitely a shift to go from the office to home…but i couldn’t be happier. Luckily i am still consulting for my company and am working from home a few hours a week. Its a sweet deal and right now is a perfect balance for me.

So this is us in a nutshell….stay tuned for more of Life with the Corotan’s….


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  1. Kimberlee Shaffer said,

    YAY!!! Malina is so dang gorgeous!!! WOW!! but who could expect less from you too!! Hope we can connect next week. so glad you have a blog. Check ours out

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